2024 Candidates

NC Primary Election March 5th, 2024

Federal, State, and Orange County office nominees and  Board of Education Election for Orange County Schools



 Democratic Primary D0001 County Commissioner- District 2 and Orange County School Board 
 Democratic Primary D0002 County Commissioner- District 2
Democratic Primary D0003 
 Libertarian Primary L0004 Orange County School Board
 Libertarian Primary L0005
 Republican Primary R0006  Orange County School Board
 Republican Primary R0007
 Nonpartisan N0008  Orange County School Board Election

NC General Election November 5th, 2024


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List of candidates across all parties.

Primary Ballots-Orange County Specific:

ELECTION: Orange County School Board (Non-Partisan)-Pick 3

Michael N. Johnson 

Cindy Shriner 

Bonnie Hauser 

Kevin Alston Jr. 

Wendy Padilla

Carrie Doyle 

Jennifer Moore 

NC State Senate District 23

Laura Pichardo (R)

Graig Meyer (D)

NC House of Representatives District 50

Rene Price (D)

NC House of Representatives District 56

Jeffrey Hoagland (R)

Allen Buansi (D)

NC District Court Judge-District 18 Seat 2

Samantha Cabe (D)

NC District Court Judge-District 18 Seat 3

Hathaway Pendergrass (D)

NC District Court Judge-District 18 Seat 4

Sherri Murrell (D)

NC District Court Judge-District 18 Seat 5

Joal Hal Broun (D)

Orange County Board of Commissioners

Nathan Robinson-District 2 (R)

Horace Johnson-District 2 (D)

Adam Beeman- District 2 (D)

Phyllis Protie-Ascott-District 2 (D)

Jean Hamilton-District 1 (D)

Marilyn Carter- District 1 (D)

Amy Fowler- At large (D)


NC Governor Candidates

 Mark K. Robinson-NC Governor (R)

 Bill Graham-NC Governor (R)

 Dale Folwell-NC Governor (R)

 Josh Stein-NC Governor (D)

 Gary Foxx-NC Governor (D)

Michael Turner-NC Governor (D)

Marcus Williams-NC Governor (D)

Michael Morgan-NC Governor (D)

Patrice Booker-NC Governor (D)

Michael Turner-NC Governor (G)

Shannon Bray-NC Governor (L)

Michael Ross-NC Governor (L)

NC Lieutenant Governor Candidates

Deanna Ballard-Lt. Govenor (R)

James Allen Mashburn-Lt. Governor (R)

Hal Weatherman-Lt. Governor (R)

Jeffrey Elmore-Lt. Governor (R)

Peter Boykin-Lt. Governor (R)

Dana Douthit-Lt. Governor (R)

Marlenis Hernandez Novoa-Lt. Governor (R)

Seth Woodall-Lt. Governor (R)

Samuel Page-Lt. Governor (R)

James O'Neill-Lt. Governor (R)

Ernest Reeves-Lt. Governor (R)

Dorothy Watson-Lt. Governor (L)

Chris Rey-Lt. Governor (D)

Rachel Hunt-Lt. Governor (D)

Robert Clark-Lt. Governor (D)

Mark H. Robinson-Lt. Governor (D)

NC Attorney General Candidates

Thomas Murry (R)

Tim Dunn (D)

Satana Deberry (D)

Jeffrey Jackson (D)

NC Auditor Candidates

Charles Dingee (R)

Jack Clark (R)

James Kee (R)

Jeff Tarte (R)

Anthony Street (R)

Dave Boliek (R)

Robert Drach (L)

Jessica Holmes (D)

NC Treasurer

Rachel Johnson (R)

Brad Briner (R)

A.J. Daoud (R)

Wesley Harris (D)

Gabe Esparza (D)

NC Supreme Court Associate Justice-Seat 6

Jefferson Griffin (R)

Allison Riggs (D)

Lora Cubbage (D)

NC Court of Appeals Judge-Seat 12

Tom Murry (R)

Carolyn Jennings (D)

NC Court of Appeals Judge-Seat 14

Valerie Zachary (R)

Ed Eldred (D)

NC Court of Appeals Judge-Seat 15

Chris Freeman (R)

Hunter Murphy (R)

Martin Moore (D)

NC Labor Commissioner

Josh Hardister (R)

Luke Farley (R)

Travis Wilson (R)

Chuck Stanley (R)

Braxton Winston (D)

NC Superintendent of Public Instruction

Catherine Truitt (R)

Michele Morrow (R)

Maurice Green (D)

Kenon Crumble (D)

C.R Eddings (D)

NC Secretary of State

Jesse Thomas (R)

Chad Brown (R)

Christine Villaverde (R)

Elaine Marshall (D)

NC Insurance Commissioner

C. Robert Brawley (R)

Mike Causey (R)

Andrew Marcus (R)

Natasha Marcus (D)

David Wheeler (D)

NC Agriculture Commissioner

Colby Hammonds (R)

Steve Troxler (R)

Sean Haugh (L)

Sarah Taber (D)

Republican US President 

Donald J. Trump (R)

Nikki Haley (R)

Ryan Binkley (R)

Ron DeSantis (R)-Dropped Out

Vivek Ramaswamy(R)-Dropped Out

Asa Hutchinson-(R)-Dropped Out

Chris Christie (R)-Dropped Out

Democrat US President

 Joseph Biden- (D)

Libertarian US President

David (TrimeTaveler) Dunlap (L)

Jacob Hornberger (L)

Beau Lindsey (L)

Lars Mapstead (L)

Chase Oliver (L)

Michael Rectenwald (L)

Joshua Smith (L)

Mike ter Maat (L)

Toad Anderson (L)

Charles Ballay (L)

Independant US President

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.