10/06/2022- $1 is worth $0.88

The middle class are the hardest hit by the current inflation, more so than the lower and upper classes. Purchasing power has diminished, your $1 bill is now worth $0.88 cents. Let that sink in. You can thank the federal government for this due to their unchecked deficit spending using counterfeit "legal tender".  Maybe you cashed those stimulus checks or accepted those PPP business loans, both resulted in rising prices and more government control. Inflating the money supply always increases prices. This is the cause of inflation.



However, President Biden claims inflation hasn't spiked over the past few months, ignoring that we are at the highest inflation rate since 1981. Does he realize that his Build Back Better ActInflation Reduction Act, and the student loan forgiveness will only continue the process of inflation?


12 month percentage change in prices, click for details


Russian Communist Lenin declared that the purpose of inflation is to destroy the business community and the way to do that is by debauching the currency. The government is the only agency that can legally cause inflation. When governments continue inflation they steal wealth from its citizens and at the same time enrich some. The government does not want you to realize this. Famous economist John Maynard Keynes agrees when he said, "By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens."

The true cause of inflation is the increase in money supply not the market, not oil shortages, not the unions and not the supply chain issues.


 Uncle Sam says.....

   Have you been to the Dollar Tree store lately? You probably can't find it because it's no longer the Dollar Tree, it's the $1.25 tree. Did you know that Orange County is 1 of 3 counties in North Carolina with an additional 0.5% sales tax? See the sales tax chart here.

The time is here for you to get out to the polls for early voting and election day voting! If you want to change in Orange County this is the action needed from all residents.

In order to enact change, gather up your friends, family and neighbors and get out and vote!

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