Our Team

Robert Castona- Founder and Chairman 

Robert is a Patriot. He is a businessman. He is a Combat Infantry Officer. He is a Constitutional Conservative.                                                



Dawn Wingate-Nation Builder Database Manager

Dawn is a retired proud mother of 2, and grandmother of 4 fabulous little humans.  She has been married to Doug Wingate for 46 years. As a resident of Durham County since 1974 her interest in working with the NGOP stems from what she believes is her patriotic duty to protect the freedoms that we as Americans hold dear.  Her belief is that we must unite the conservative voices and stand together to save our country through grass-roots action.  Her goal is to assist the NGOP and its aligned conservative groups to pull power from information.

Jacquie Barker-Vice Chair of Administration

Jacquie is a resident of Orange County, NC for 23 years, married with two teenage children. She has been an active parent within the local school systems, with years of volunteer work and as a committee member.  She has worked for 21 yrs at Duke University Hospital as a CPhT, recently she was terminated due to tyrannical medical mandates. North Carolina government leaders, both Republican and Democrat, have failed to protect people like Jacquie. Currently many are not upholding their oath to the US Constitution and they must be removed from public office.  The NGOP is a place to unite together to protect our freedoms and disarm those in power who are failing Americans and support replacements that put true freedom first. 
"The obedient always  think of themselves as virtuous rather than cowardly."

Matt Miller-Vice Chair of Technology

Matt has lived in Orange County, NC since birth and has been married to Anita Miller for 25 years.  Early on, his family decided to homeschool their five children to ensure family values were encouraged and preserved.  Believing that conservative values are more popular than media and current public discourse let on, Matt is motivated to bring people together to protect the values we share from the political elites (from any political party) and present a unified voice to those opposing our hard-won freedoms.


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