Pornography In Schools 9/14/2022

With the recent removal of a pornographic book from neighboring Alamance Burlington Schools it is time to address Orange County Schools and Chapel-Hill Carrboro City Schools. The previous Orange County School Board voted to keep this book ,along with two other books, in the school libraries. This is just one book of many that contain age inappropriate images and text that are on display in your school libraries. 

Below are examples of book titles sitting on the library shelves at Orange County and Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools.


What Girls Are Made Of

Orange High School

Fun Home: A Tragicomic

Cedar Ridge High

Looking For Alaska

Cedar Ridge High, Orange High, Carrboro High, AL Stanback Middle, Culbreth Middle, Smith Middle, McDougle Middle

This One Summer

Cedar Ridge High, Orange High, Carrboro High,Chapel Hill High, East Chapel Hill High, AL Stanback Middle, Gravelly Hill Middle, Smith Middle, McDougle Middle, Pathways Elementary

Gender Queer

Cedar Ridge High, Orange High, Chapel Hill High, East Chapel Hill High


A Word from Uncle Sam:

If you care about the well-being of the children in your community you will speak up about these books. You can make a difference by attending school board meetings. 

Upcoming Meetings:

Orange County Schools

  • September 26th @7pm
  • October 10th @7pm

Moms for Liberty of Orange County is making a significant difference by attending school board meetings.  Consider joining them.

Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools

  • September 15th @7pm
  • October 6th@7pm


HELP US:  Join NGOP and Moms for Liberty today!


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